Andy's PC Help

Help for anything computer-related 

My Services

I can offer help with computer-related problems and services:

  • Need help setting up a wireless network? I have completed a course in computing (CCNA 1) which makes me eligible for Network+ certification(pending)

  • Need a new computer? I built one of my own some months ago, and it's still running perfectly! I can save you a fair deal of money by building one for your needs - however basic or complex - or I can help you pick one from a major manufacturer.

    • Does your computer just run slowly? I can upgrade it to make it run faster!

  • Have a question about ANYTHING electronic?

      • Don't know the difference between a router, a hub and a switch?

      • You broke an application?

      • You think you broke your iPod?

      • Think you broke your computer?!?

      • Need a recommendation for an application?

      • How do I create a User Account in XP/Vista?

  • I can handle almost anything you can throw at me. If I can't help you, I won't charge you (excepting labor and consultation fees, if applicable), and I'll try to refer you to someone who can.

My Reason

The sub-par services provided by certain large retail chains, and their outrageous pricing. For info, see Agonies.

Here are some examples:

      • Circuit City's Firedog: To install a drive (Hard Drive, Floppy Disk Drive, DVD-ROM Drive) In-Home - $140, In-Store - $50. ME: $25* In-House, In-YOUR-Home...$40?* for ANY computer upgrade, per hour.

      • CompUSA's TechPro: $90 for Wireless - on ONE computer(!), and $130 for a standard installation. ME: $15* on one computer, and $50/hr* for a complete installation.
      • OfficeMax's ctrlcenter: $100, READ: ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! To set-up a new computer! For $60/hr**, I will not only set-up your new computer, I will install the latest versions of Avira's free Anti-Virus, Lavasoft's & Safer Networking's free Anti-Spyware, Firefox,, a free MS Office replacement, and generally ensure(within reason) that your computer is ready for your use.

*Common disclaimer used on most websites where prices are posted: Pricing may vary, contact me for a quote.